Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More of the same

Snow and more snow.  Fierce winds.  Bitter cold.

With more to come.  Oh yippee oh yay (NOT).

(mock orange shrubs outside my bedroom window)
I hauled out the snowblower late yesterday afternoon and did the driveway and turnaround.  When I was done I came inside, got out of the layers of winter gear, got into my comfy clothes then went back out to take a pic of my achievement.

What "achievement"?  All that greeted me and my camera by then was 3-4" of new snow!  It was as if I'd never gone out.

Instead of railing against the weather, I lit a candle in the front window and huddled around the unfailing geraniums and dreamed of Spring to come.

That lasted maybe a minute. LOL  Candles and flowers helped a lot to lift my spirits, but it was a big bowl of homemade spicy chicken and rice waiting for me in the kitchen that sealed the deal.

Mmmmm.  Goooood.

It is still snowing this morning.  Curse you Lake Erie!  Freeze over already!  Ah well... there's still gas in the snowblower and lots of spicy chicken leftovers to fuel the little engine-that-could (and -must) that is me.

Stay safe and snug.

* * *
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  1. Your geraniums look so cheerful - great medicine in the midst of winter weather! Delicious heart and body warming food doesn't hurt either.

  2. Hello Garden Sense. I hope you're not buried like we are. If so, hope you are enjoying some comforts too. Thanks for visiting! :-D

  3. I've never seen the amount of snow you're describing and I'm not sure that your beautiful warm meal is enough to tempt me to try it out. :) I am impressed by your bravery, and wish you more luck with your snowblower next time!

  4. Hi Eliza. Honestly, this is nothing. For a real eye-opener, visit this blog in Minnesota. They are well and truly deep into it since this past storm. You might want to read the last 5-6 posts... Stay warm.

  5. Oh dear. I have heard how you all have been getting pounded up north of here. The lake effect snow is terrible. Stay warm. We only had three inches here in the hills but it is so cold too.

  6. I have a friend from Chardon. I don't expect to see or here from him till spring. jim

  7. Oh wow O_O. Chuck always says he wants to move back to Ohio (he lived in Cleveland when he was a teenager and loved it), but then I show him pictures like that and he remembers the negative parts...lol

  8. You are having the weather we are having in the Falls. You have the right idea, candles and a good hot meal.

  9. HHG - 3" ?? Thank goodness you won that snow blower. ;-D Be careful with that monster.

    Jim, Mom used to live in Lake County. I'd see her early Nov, then not again until May...

    Kyna - aw, c'mon. It's not THAT bad. Could be worse. Could be Minnesota...

    GWGT - Too many hot meals lately...I'm going to need some serious exercising soon. LOL

  10. That window is just the most beautiful thing. I could sit by that and enjoy looking out at that snow....for hours. You have a great decorating sense.

    Still no snow here.

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    jim and pat

  12. Wow, look at all that snow! We had lots of it last year. I hope you get dug out soon.

    Your soup looks yummy.


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