Saturday, December 18, 2010

Window dressing

The temps are still steady: daytime 20s, nighttime teens.  We haven't had snow for a couple of days (except for the occasional light flurry for dusting).

It's really nice to have geraniums blooming in front of the windows this time of year.  They thrive all winter, their colorful glow warming up cold and/or gloomy days.

Thought I'd take this post to let you know that while the vegetable, flower and garden projects pages (links on top of sidebar) have gone dormant for the winter, the plant propagation page is heating up. (I've put up a couple of new entries over there recently.)

There will also (most likely) be more household adventures to chronicle over the cold months as I tackle inside projects.

So keep an eye on the dates on the pertinent links -- you never know when something new has been posted.

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  1. Your geraniums are wonderful! Very cheerful! I was browsing through the latest copy of High Country Gardens when I saw a plant and thought of you. It's a penstemon that is said to grow throughout the country. It's blooms are so big a bumblebee can fit right inside of them! It's called Purple Ozark Beardtongue (Penstemon cobaea v. purpurea). I thought it would make a great addition to your bee sanctuary. :o) If your soils in't very well drained, you can always plant it in a pot. That's where my penstemon ends up!

  2. TS - I just popped over to the site you mentioned. That is one impressive plant! I already have a white penstemon grandiflorus in the birdbath garden, but may acquire not only the purple, but the other 2 penstemons on that site. Thanks for the tip! :-D

  3. Your geraniums look so bright and colorful! Sure to warm the heart on a cold winter day.

  4. You're welcome, Kris! It would be fun to watch the bumbles disappear into those flowers and then pop back out when the no one expects it. Ya gotta love plants with entertainment value! ;o)

  5. Kris, I cannot for the life of me grow geraniums! Yours is just a beauty.

    I will b e checking your other projects this winter. You inspire me to get busy.

  6. Thanks, Garden Sense. They do perk up a room.

    Glenda - I wonder why geraniums give you such trouble. Mine are no-brainers although I have determined that they need more fertilizer than most. Yeah, keep checking that sidebar. You never know what kind of trouble I'll be getting into.... ;-D

  7. I don't think I've tried to overwinter geraniums before. This is the first year I haven't brought in the scented geraniums. The leaves always turn brown and crunchy. They usually survive, but make a huge mess, and look terrible for awhile.

    I love the color of the blooms on yours.


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