Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas spirits

All throughout this December the deer have wandered in and out of the gardens, usually at the dim of the day (dawn or dusk).  The shot above was an attempt to catch them bounding across the lawn, but they were too fast for my older camera to 'freeze' them on frame.  But this picture is even better. 

Here they are in motion, practically mystical - imaginary creatures, mere shadows on snow. 

In a non-magical moment I caught these more substantial images. 

While guests and I were inside enjoying a festive holiday meal, 2 does, a fawn and a large buck ambled up to the bird food and enjoyed a festive feed of their own.

By the end of the day everyone (inside and out) were happy and well fed.  

Hope your Christmas was as warm and satisfying as mine and that you all enjoy health and happiness in the New Year!  
* * *
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  1. Oh, I love your magical, mystical deer picture! Glad you had a good holiday. Here's to a happy and exciting new year! Hugs, Ilene

  2. That first one is a a really cool picture. I didn't know that deer would eat from a bird feeder, must be because all your plants are covered in snow.

  3. Ilene - Thanks and hugs back.

    Hi Catherine - Yes, the plants are not only covered in snow, but quite dead (at least from the ground up). Deer will eat seeds, tree bark, squirrel chow, dog food - whatever they can find during winter to make it through.

  4. Hi Kris,
    That first photo is pretty cool. I love the other ones, too. Here, I have been concerned over squirrels eating from the bird feeders. I wonder how much of the seeds the deer get at a feeding.

    Enjoy the last few days of 2010!

  5. I love deer, even if they tend to be pesty. They're just so pretty.

  6. Sue - if I leave out a full feeder at night, it's empty in the morning so I have to bring it in at dusk.

    Kyna - yeah, me too. They are sooo graceful and a joy to watch - when they aren't eating something down to the ground! :-/

  7. I love deer but am glad they're not in my garden. They once ate the bottom 2/3's of a friends juniper shrubs, so that by the time they were done feasting it looked like she had giant, umm..., man parts, in her front yard. It was hysterical1 :o)

  8. I love the ghost images!
    My sis in Iowa's place in on the Raccoon River and she has literally herds of 12 or more deer come into the yard to get bird seed. She has sent some pictures of them that were just amazing to me.

    My husband sees some back on the farm almost daily, but they have never ventured into the yard before.

  9. The first picture is so lovely! And deer feeding from bird feeders is something I've never heard of before.

  10. TS - Manly man plants! LOL

    Glenda - I bet your dog probably keeps them away from the house/yard.

    Linda - Thanks about the pic. And, yeah, always something interesting to report here.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  11. very cute post! it would be great to have some deers visit me, but I am on the middle of the city.
    Happy new year!

  12. Hi fer - Every now and then there is an item on the news showing deer in various downtown areas and inside stores. Better keep your eyes open... ;-D Happy New Year!


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