Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 arrives - warm and snowless

Thursday and Friday (New Year's eve day) was warm, well into the 50s and nights didn't drop below 40.  New Year's day (Saturday) was nearly as warm and it rained, giving us a nice .6" (to this gardener that's a dandy way to start a year).  Then the front moved on.

Sufficed to say, the there isn't a smidgen of snow to be found now.  LOL  Today (Sunday) the temps have returned to normal and will hover in the 20s-30s range (daytime) and 20s (nighttime) the whole week.  But I miss the nice clean snow and there's not any in the forecast until next weekend.

Snowpack makes everything look so nice and clean during the day.  It also brightens the night, making it easy to spot deer and other nocturnal critters as they wander through the yard.  Another bonus is that it keeps golfers at bay.  I've enjoyed having the back gardens to myself the whole of December.  But now that the fairways are clear golfers will be out there until the next snowfall.  (Snow is the ONLY thing that keeps them from playing - I've seen them play in teen temps, gale winds, thunderstorms and searing, record-breaking heat!) 

Meanwhile, I've been playing myself - down in the basement grow lab.  You'll see more and more posts on that page over the next months. It keeps me out of trouble...sorta. ;-D

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  1. Kris, we seemed to be a day ahead of you on the cold front. Saturday was cold and windy and this morning it was 19°.

    The rain was a nice gift. We could use one, but so far, they are missing us. So are the storms so I am not complaining.

    Your back yard looks so tidy....puts me to shame.

  2. Great to hear you are having nice weather! your garden looks great by the way
    Happy new year!

  3. Glenda - tidy? TIDY? LOL More like empty and forlorn this time of year. I'm going to have to do a snow dance to bring back the clean white blanket to cover it all. That's much prettier than looking at dead stalks and leaf litter.

    fer - Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment about the gardens. I still prefer snow to sunshine this time of year... Happy New Year :-D

  4. Happy New Year. Your title almost fooled me. Your yard looked so spring like. Our yard looks spring like from a distance. up close, it looks pretty bad. The deer pics are very cool. The farm house is off US 80 about 25 miles east of the Indiana line on the south side. I have driven by hundreds of times, always wanting to take a pic.

  5. Happy back atcha, Jim. This kind of weather is soooo sneaky - sunshine, blue skies, bitter cold. Such a cheat. Snow is much more up front about it. Thanks for the ID on the farm. Guess I've not seen it myself, but it sure struck a chord. Keep warm - think Spring. :-D


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