Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simply soup

I felt bad that the pic of this velvety squash soup languished over on the vegetable page instead of here, with all the action. 

I looked at a lot of online recipes for the kind of soup I wanted, but they all seemed to have far too many ingredients for my simple taste buds.  So I got creative and ended up with the easiest soup I've ever made.

I simmered the squash with just a hint of olive oil and garlic, then pureed it into a smooth pulp.  I froze the pulp in 1C bags.  To make a bowl of soup, I merely defrost the pulp, put it into a saucepan, then dribble in chicken stock while stirring.  When the soup is to the consistency I want, it's done.  Add salt and pepper to taste.   It is rich and smooooooth.   I'm sure you could add most any liquid instead of chicken stock (like veg stock, milk/cream, etc.) and end up with equally delightful variations.  Yum.
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  1. Love pumpkin soup. Never tried squash soup, but I expect it's similar. Looks delicious!

  2. Kyna - it's butternut squash that accidentally grew in my compost pile past summer. I like the nutty, savory flavor of the soup (I'm sure the chicken stock had something to do with that). I've never had pumpkin soup - always thought it would taste too much like pie! ;-D

  3. Kris, I will be trying this one!

    I have many packages of this beautiful, bright orange butternut squash in the freezer and don't have anything to do with it except pie or pumpkin (squash) bread.

    Now I need to make some good chicken stock.

  4. Glenda - the secret is to make the puree very smooth. I found the blender gave better texture than the FP, but either way the soup was delish.


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