Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bay window bed

Bay window bed

A cozy fire
We're having more of that nasty weather; the glazing spit mixed with gritty snow.  The temps are set to plummet this weekend with a chance of 1-3 inches of accumulation.  (Posted later: it's been snowing since noon and it's piling up!)  I must say this kind of weather really makes me appreciate a comfy chair. And I've lit a cozy fire.  

Something else to appreciate: Thanks to the glut of geraniums I rescued last July and some recent additions of pretty primrose, the front bay window shelf is looking very much like an indoor flowerbed right now.   All that deep green foliage and colorful blooms are a respite for the eyes and  certainly help chase away winter blues!

Meanwhile, down in the basement, vegetable greens are sprouting under lights (recently rewired lights).  There's signs of spring popping up everywhere.  Well ... at least inside!    ;-D

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  1. There is such a contrast from the snowy header picture to your pretty plants setting in the bay window. I so wish I had some good sunny windows in my old home. I want to start germinating some seeds soon. I cannot wait to get my hands in dirt. LOL!

  2. Hi HHG! And there's only a leaky bay window between my blooming babies and that nasty outside crap (technical term LOL). You might want to pop over to my Propagation page and see what I'm up to down in the basement... I think it will be a while before we'll be outside in the dirt, though.

  3. I love that bay window! The blooms look so happy next to that outdoor stuff!

    The fire looks very comforting too. I wish our wood stove had glass doors. That is on the "list".

  4. Geraniums in winter are so cheerful, and so Scandinavian. And how lucky you are to have an open fire. Here is a modern house near the city centre we just have boring radiators. A fire is such good company, with its little crackling noises.


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