Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Robins robins robins

Robins feasting on dried crabapples
When I came home from an errand I was pleasantly surprised to see that this crabapple tree was chattering with robins and a few starlings.  As many times I've seen this tree filled with hungry birds (since October), there are still tons of dried fruit to be had.  

Right now we're getting a freezing spitty gritty rain.  Not good for the roads.  The birds, however, don't seem to mind chomping down on glazed fruit.
* * *
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  1. I'm so tired of rain. Especially the freezing spitty gritty kind.

  2. Glazed fruit - sounds quite a delicacy. Your robins are quite a bit bigger than ours. Obviously the early settlers from Britain felt that the bird world wasn't complete without a robin, but it's quite a leap of size from the British robin to yours.

  3. Hey, I bet some of my summer robins are down there enjoying your apples. Don't send me the bill.

  4. They must be having a feast!!

  5. We are getting snow at last.

    No robins here....also no crabapple.
    I need to plant one for the birds.

    I just realized we forgot to buy birdseed yesterday! They will have to make do with hen scratch a while longer.

  6. Oh, I can't wait till I have trees with "bird fruit" on them!

    We have huge robins, too. They hop around in the back yard looking for worms. I've never seen them at the feeders, though.


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