Friday, February 25, 2011


It started with freezing rain around 3:00 a.m. to soak into the snow left over from Monday's storm.  Then around 5:00 a.m. it turned to snow.  Lots of it.  And more to come!  Add high winds and we've got a blizzard.  About 4" already and they are predicting 8-10", maybe more.

For crying out loud.   UNCLE!  UNCLE! UNCLE already!  #(*&(@$&
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  1. Wow, you have really been getting it this week. It is just started snowing here about 8:30. It was all rain until then. We have been lucky in this part of the state so far. Last February we had 36 inches. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, bless your heart!

    We got rain. Lots and lots of it. There was water standing in lots of places. Wish I'd gotten those two plum trees planted last week. Now the soil will be so heavy I won't be able to lift the shovel. Sunday we're supposed to get a worse storm, with lots of wind. I'm praying for no tornadoes.

    You hang in there, OK? Go downstairs and look at all the green. Play music loud to drown out the winter sounds. And make hot chocolate. One for me, too, please....

  3. Move. I know a lovely cottage style home where it's currently 64 degrees and sunny that you could buy. There are already nice gardens in place. :)

    I wish you the best. I couldn't do it.

  4. This is a bad one. The snow is very heavy and too deep for the blower to do anything with it. I tried a little shoveling, but pulled something in my shoulder. So then I tried to bulldoze my way out of the garage with brute force, but the car got stuck just outside the door in a drift. I had to dig it out and get it back inside.

    I'm snowed in and stuck. Now I'm really hacked off. Will this winter never end????

  5. I don't want to go out of the house any more till the temps reach the 50's. Oh!, that means Monday. The Akron flower show is this weekend. jim

  6. Okay, I'll quit complaining about our snow and cold. I can't wait to feel warm again. Seems likes it's been a long cold winter for much of the country. Hope you're able to get out soon.

  7. Just think of how well watered your garden will be when everything melts. Winter has to end!

  8. Kris, I know just how you isn't fair. Enough already!

    We are having the same weather as Ilene....2 inches of rain which we were very happy with and predicted severe (read:tornado) weather on our 70° Sunday. I am clearing a path to the cellar!

    Now I am off to check your seedlings.


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