Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Socked in

As Monday afternoon slid into evening, snow fell more than an inch an hour!  It was unbelievable.

And it kept coming.  Deeper and deeper.

Finally, at the 8-9" depth, I had to bite the bullet and go out into the dark and the storm and fire up the snowblower.  My blower won't handle anything over 8" and I'd actually delayed longer than I should have.  Not only was the snow almost too deep, but it was heavier than I thought.

The above pic is a blurry 'night scene' shot showing that I had to first dig out a path across the deck.  The wintersown bins are pretty much buried.

So I blew the driveway and part of the turnaround.  I couldn't do anymore because the blower kept clogging.  It was surreal blowing during the storm.  I'd do a swipe down the driveway, come back and find the previous swipe was filling up.  But if I left it go until tomorrow (today) I'd never be able to dig my way out myself.  I was out there for almost 2 hours.

It's very pretty out there this morning.

But I'll have to get out the blower again to handle the additional 3-4 inches that fell overnight.

All in all - somewhere between 10-12" fell. Maybe more.  Most of it within 8 hours!  There are some deeper drifts.  Thank goodness I used the blower last night else I'd really be in a jam.  *woof*
* * *
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  1. Pretty but makes me so glad I lived toward the southern part this week. LOL! Maybe this will be the last one. Yeah, right, dream on.LOL!

  2. Oh no, after your brief taste of a thaw! But it does look pretty.

  3. HHG - I saw that south of Columbus it was just rain from the frontal system. I guess if I had my druthers I'll take some snow over cold cold rain. Still...12"? *sheesh* I gotta watch what I wish for.

    Linda - I think I heard my snow shovel laughing evilly... ;-D

  4. I am about done with snow. jim

  5. Oh, my! Just when we thought spring may be around the corner! We could get some snow in the next week, but I don't think anything like you had. I hope it melts soon for you!

  6. Hi Jim. I think it has to be mutual. *sigh*

    Sue. :-D Glad you stopped by. This has been the snowiest, coldest, windiest, icy-est winter that I can remember in a long time. All this snow shoveling is fast aging me. I look forward to spring and warm days in the sun.

  7. Kris, I can't believe you are snowed in again! I know how you must feel.

    It is beautiful, but I sure don't want anymore.....someone told me the Farmer's Almanac is predicting heavy snow for us in late March.

  8. I was just being smug about having no more snow in our parts, and then it started again - today - I hate it. It's ok in December and January, but in February it just seems unfair.

  9. Barbara - traditionally our heaviest snowfalls come in March. We've also had snow at late as early May. I'll tell you, when Spring does come, it's welcomed with open arms! LOL

    Glenda - Thank gosh for the basement plants else I'd go crazy!


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