Monday, February 21, 2011

We now return to....

...our regularly scheduled winter.

Sunday afternoon
 After those 60s on Friday, Saturday got cold and Sunday dawned 11 degrees.  Then another front came through and dumped 2" of snow within 30 minutes!  That would have been fine but then it was followed by freezing rain.
Monday afternoon

Now everything is frozen over again with more freezing rain for the rest of the day.  The driveway is again a skating rink while the trees accumulate ice.

Update - after some freezing rain, it's switched back to thick snow.  It supposed to go through the night so tomorrow will look like there's never been a thaw at all.

Monday afternoon
At least the wintersown bins are looking more wintersown than when they first went outside.

I sure don't envy those that have to brave the icy roads today. It's going to be a nasty ride.

(P.S.  I guess I don't have to change the header pic yet, Jim!)

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  1. We had a tiny blast of spring and now have snow forecasted tonight. UGH!!! What did you wintersow?

  2. Ugh! you did get more snow. We have had sleet and rain so far here. I keep thinking just one more month. LOL!

  3. We are down to 38° today, but so far, no freezing precip forecast.

    Stay off that icy stuff.

  4. Tammy - you'll find anything to do with seeds or starts on the Propagation Page :-D

    HHG - I'm keeping the fire going and eating comfort food. Heavy snow coming down as this moment... *sigh*

    Glenda - I knew that thaw thing was a fluke. The snow shovel is saying it's time to dance...! LOL

  5. Kris, We got the same spring preview (tease?)in southern PA. Intellectually, I knew winter wasn't over -- but it was still a shock to look out the window last night and see snow falling (with more predicted tonight). Well, it was nice to have a reminder of what we have to look forward to for real (I don't mean the mud!) in another few weeks. -Jean

  6. Brrrr! Turning cold again here, too. But no snow in the forecast, praise God!

    Be careful!

  7. Hi Jean. I knew it was a fluke and I was expecting more winter. But I just didn't think we'd get it all in just 2 days! Good grief. It's coming down >1"/hr for the past couple hours. And it's heavy stuff. It's going to be a bear to move around. Hope you don't get too much!

    Ilene - I'll send you some! I know you love this stuff... ;-D


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