Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Spring in my step

If anything my 'step' is buried in snow - again!

So far this year 'Wintersowing' might be the only way go.

Wednesday afternoon:

Within 4 hours we got 4 inches of snow.  It's still falling. 

For over a week nights have been in the low teens. The days hover just above freezing.

Spring?  Spring?  What is this "Spring" of which you speak?  There is no sign of Spring here in Ohio. *sigh*

I think I should have held off changing the blog title pic.  

* * *
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  1. While it is the same here in NJ, I take some solace in sharing the pain with others. Hang in there, we can get through it!

  2. ONG - I join you in your neurosis... this winter almost has me on the ropes. It can't last forever, can it? Hang tight, it's bound to thaw sometime! :-D

  3. Oh dear. You are not the only one. There's no Spring here either. :) It's Summer the whole year long. :)

  4. Hello One. I'm sure that if it were hot all the time I'd probably be complaining about that! I visit your blog for warmth. Glad you can visit her for a cool respite. LOL

  5. I see you are enjoying our beautiful balmy Ohio weather too. LOL! I have to laugh to keep from crying this spring. ;-)

  6. HHG - There, there. Oh please don't cry. If we did, our faces would freeze. :-/

  7. I can't believe it! Well, actually, I can. We are running 20° below normal for the time of year.

    We are waiting for more rain....supposed to be 70° by the weekend.

    The only thing growing outside here is weeds.

  8. I guess I should quit complaining about the cold and rain now :) It doesn't seem that many places are having much spring weather right now. I hope that changes for all of us soon.

  9. I'm happy to see those daffodil bulbs in your header photo. It's a reminder that they're still there under the snow and will wait in a state of suspended animation until the conditions are right for them to bloom. -Jean

  10. Glenda - Most of the snow had melted but this morning (4/2 Saturday) we've got another 2" layer of snow overnight. I'm getting grouchy! Even my weeds are grouchy...

    Catherine - Changes can't come soon enough for me. Thank goodness my basement is filled with plants else I'd go bonkers.

    Jean - My poor poor daffs. Local nurseries are suffering - plant deliveries arrive in spite of the weather and snow/cold/ice is killing the tender ones.

  11. I think Ohio might be headed for a new Ice Age instead of global warming! Geez! Here's hoping you finally get some warmth!

  12. Tammy - I think I can see the glacier from here. I wonder how bad the polar bears are going to be....


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