Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hope springs -- internal!

Because it's sure not external around here! Though we haven't had any snow since Saturday morning, neither have we had any sunshine.  It's cold and windy.  And dark. Yesterday it "soared" to 57 while the front plowed through with 1.25" of rain, high winds and some really impressive sound effects!  Then temps plummeted again. Today it is not much above freezing.  In fact, while I was taking this pic, bits of sleety snow pelted the camera.

Daffodils remain only a promise, closed up tightly against the persistently rude and inconsiderate winter that has long ago worn out its welcome.

A couple of plants fight back. Take, for instance, this hosta. I've had this (unknown) variety for nearly 35 years, a gift from a friend. They follow me from house to house. The come up so early, even through snow and are the last to succumb to frost. It's kind of sad that as much as I enjoy them, I do not know their name.

On the other hand, here is something new (obtained last year).  I know only that it is a pulmanaria (lung wart) and it's an early bloomer.  The flowers aren't all that conspicuous, unless you are the only game in town.  Which it is right now. :-D  I do like the mottled leaves.

Though the outside gardens go untended right now, I've been busy on several fronts and posting on my other pages.  (Idle hands... ;-D)   It keeps me sane (well, to some degree anyway).

* * *
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  1. Yes, we had 80 degrees one day and then it dropped 49 degrees. I am beyond discouraged but I should be use to it by now. I will watch for those blooming daffs on you blog.

  2. Hello Larry. Hasn't it just been a depressing winter? I'm glad you've got some pretty amaryllis blooms to perk up your spirits. And I've got my basement lab to play in...

  3. Stop by my blog. You are the recipient of the “Stylish Bloggers Award”. This high honor comes with much responsibility and a nifty emblem. jim

  4. It looks like you winter is never leaving!

    I think the 'no sun' hurts worse than almost all the rest of it.

    Is this kind of early spring normal for you?

    I like the leaves on the pulmonaria very much.

  5. Hey Jim - thanks for thinking of me. That one's hit here several times so pass it on to another. :-D

    Glenda - worse than usual. Check out old Mar/Apr posts from 2009-10 and you'll see how much I usually have done outside by now. The gloominess is making me gloomy!

  6. We have had cooler temps than normal, but not the late snows like you. We still could, though. Today's high is supposed to be in the lower 60s, and tomorrow's in the 80s. After that, I'm thinking we're supposed to have 60s and 70s for awhile. I am ready!

    I hope they come your way, too.


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