Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super salads, et al

I was going to post this on the vegetable page, but few visit there and I think this bounty should be shared!

The addition of sweet and tender asparagus spears have really ramped up the spring salads.  Even the thicker-than-a-thumb spear was butter soft all the way through.  As the asparagus bed really gets going, there will be some fine eating in my future. :-D

Otherwise not much happening here.  There is a goose on the roof hanging around my chimney.  Sure is making a lot of honking.

And, Spring still eludes us.  This morning the bird bath is frozen ... again.  *sigh*  Maybe that's what's upsetting the goose?  It's sure upsetting me... :-(

* * *
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  1. The salad fixings look delicious!

    I always eat a spear or two out in the garden.

    We have two geese that fly over very low, but they have never landed on the roof....interesting.

    I think they nest each year down by the west pond.

  2. At least there's no snow on the bird bath!!

  3. My asparagus was set back somewhat with the move, but I did get a few spears that I ate right there in the garden, and then a nice fat handful that I brought in and sauteed. That'll be all for this spring. Maybe next year will be different.

    I've never had a goose on my roof (sounds funny!) but we have geese out here that fly over our place several times a day. They go from Jay's pond to Charlie's pond and then to George's pond.

    We're having coldish weather here but it's forecast to warm up soon. Haven't been in freezing temps since early April but it's been darn close a few times.

    Hope everything otherwise is well for you.

  4. I included freshly steamed, just picked asparagus in my salad last nite as well! (along with avocado - it was a great combo!) So would you say your asparagus beds are still starting up? This is the first year I'm really supposed to harvest much, and right now there's not a ton of sprouts up at any one time. I'm wondering when to really expect it to get going - when (if?!) warmer temps arrive?

  5. Those veggies are as pretty to me as flowers. I just planted some asparagus last year, so hopefully, we'll have a few spears to eat next year.


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