Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gloom and gloomer

There is very little to blog about.  It is cold (35F this morning), wet (raining since Sunday), windy (now from the North) and the clouds are dark and heavy.  Even the crabapples are late in opening, like this unknown variety behind the privacy fence.

The birdbath keeps filling and overflowing even though I bail it out now and then.  I hope it's finally crested...  Guess I should be happy at least that the water isn't frozen!

The deck plants are shrouded against the cold (nights in the 30s) and the persistent wind.

About the only thing enjoying this dreary weather is the new Hakuro Nishiki willow.  As for the cuttings I previously took, I think they've rotted in their cold wet cups.  *sigh*

I envy the willow.  At least it's thriving.  Me?  What's a gal with a head filled with chlorophyll supposed to do when winter just won't leave?  *sigh* I hope it's Spring where you live!
Thursday a.m. update.
At last!  A break from the rain!  
This morning the lawn is white with frost and the birdbath is frozen again....

Oh well, the weather IS supposed to warm up for the next 6 days.  Today should be sunny!  Yay.  Then it's going to rain for the next 6 days.  Boo.  (and Hoo!)

* * *
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  1. Jeez, that looks like a morgue on your deck! lol

    Sorry you're still having cold temps. :( I'll do a little spring dance for you, and maybe it'll start warming up a little.

    I am pretty powerful, you know. :P

  2. Be patient; warm weather will come.
    Yesterday wasn't bad here and today is even better.

    Of course, it will jump to the 90's with nothing in between!

  3. April showers bring May showers, or something like that.

  4. Another frost last nite! I'm not worried about any of the really cold hardy stuff out in the garden beds. Anything tender and movable was already in the greenhouse from the night before, with some stuff in covered shelves with a heat mat! I AM worried about the fruit trees that are in bloom, but I decided I'm just not going to freak out and try to cover the tops of the's tough love this spring!

    Hope your stuff made it through ok!

  5. This too shall pass!!! Hang on!!


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