Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another little bed defined

I've not given much thought to this crabapple behind the privacy fence, except when I have to mow and then it is quite an irritation.  My mower is not zero-turn (it's barely any kind of turn!) so I have to hand cut the weeds around it.

Yesterday was the 3rd (THIRD) sunny day in a row and I was flying high.  But by 2:30 I was pooped and was actually LAZING on the deck.  I sipped iced tea and thought,  That'll do, Pig.  That'll do.  I could finally slow down.  Well, you know how that goes!  I looked at that tree and thought, ever soooo softly, Y'know, it wouldn't take but maybe 2 hours...   *sigh*

Next thing you know I was on the mower harvesting more clippings.  Then I hit the stash of newspapers I'd gotten from the library earlier in the week and laid out a nice egg-shaped bed under that crabapple.  The shape was mostly determined by how many surface roots I could cover and not have to mow over anymore. ;-D  (Glenda, you'll notice I wet the papers down this time.)

Then I piled on the clippings and Bob's your Uncle - another bed defined.  It's not very big, but certainly solves a couple of issues. 

I've got hosta and columbine and lupine just itching to put in a nice little bed like that.

Though you won't see this bed from the deck once the fence boards are up, it will show nicely from the bench under the gum trees.

This leaves just one 'naked' tree in the backyard that has grass growing right up to the trunk. You can see it in the previous panoramic shot in the last post. It's the maple just right of the crab bed. I'm not sure if I'll even do anything about it because, as you can also see in that pick, the crown of the tree is dying, and getting worse for the past 3 years. I'm afraid she's a goner... *sniff*

But that's another post.  For now....where the heck did I leave my iced tea???? 

* * *
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  1. Send some of that energy my way, Kris! Since being sick for a few days, I haven't gotten all of mine back. Still, it's too cold to garden right now. Hopefully, it won't be too windy so the 50 degrees tomorrow will feel like it, instead of the lower 40s.

    Your bed in the making looks awesome!

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon, Sue. And don't give me that 'no energy' story! I'm just making lasagna beds, YOU are practically excavating your front yard! LOL Now there's energy! It's going to look awesome when you're done.

  3. The newspaper industry must be noticing a jump in profits just now. Little do they know why...
    I think your efforts are heroic.

  4. Well done,Kris! I have quite a stack of newspapers saved for some extra mulching I need to do too.

    That bed looks good; I am seeing lamiums and others growing there....
    My lamiums seems to just take root anywere. I love them.

    This will make you mowing easier and cut trimming time.....always a good thing!

  5. What a great idea. All my apple trees could stand wider beds around them and it sure would make mowing easier. I may be imitating you.

  6. Linda - maybe a bit more hysteric than heroic. ;-D

    Glenda - ever since I discovered this technique, I've never looked back. The library is happy to supply me with all their outdated newsprint I can handle. :-D

    Barbara - it's an easy process and it will certainly help with the mowing. Looking forward to seeing pics on your blog!


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