Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Panoramic view...

...of the backyard beds.

Click to view, then enlarge to focus.  (Well, as focused as an autostitched shot can focus!)  

Keep in mind that when I bought the house 8 years ago there was only a firepit where the veg bed is now and while the arbor bed was here, it was rectangular and smaller.  I'm guilty of all the rest.

(Rest?  Moi? HA!). LOL

* * *
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  1. You have developed a wonderful area. It is so great to have the perennials return and multiply and the flower beds you add each year continues to make the design improve. I am seeing lots of bumble bees this spring.

  2. I have only one commment: It is too neat! Between your garden and Larry's Weed Free Garden Blog I am developing a complex.

    It looks lovely. You have been busy.
    I visited your other two blogs this morning but could only post on one....don't know what that was about.

  3. As always, your garden(s) is/are BEAUTIFUL! You make me a bit embarrassed about my own messes in the backyard...

  4. Thanks, Larry. I didn't start developing the beds until 4 or so years ago. Then when I got that bee in my bonnet to make a sanctuary, a lot more fell into place. Except for making little 2 tree-surround beds (just for easier mowing), I pretty sure the backyard bed development is done.

    Glenda - oh you dear. LOL The only reason everything looks so 'neat' right now is that there are no plants in a lot of the beds. Since bed development seems finished, now I can concentrate on populating them over the next couple of years. Hmmm... now I'm casting my eye on the front of the house. Uh oh...

    P.S. I hope you can post on the veg page now. I know sometimes when you come back it works fine for you.

  5. Jeph, I have to admit, when I DO take a break in the evening and look out over all those beds, I can feel some really good feng shui pulsing through the yard. Ahhh.

  6. So I sent the link to your panorama to a friend, and now it's like I'm bragging FOR you - see the beds to the right of the shed? one is an amazing, weed free asparagus bed!" "see the fence in front of the pink crabapple? that's had 10'+ castor beans growing in front of it!"

    This makes garden bragging easy - show pics of someone else's immaculate, weed free garden! ;-)

  7. Jeph - aw shucks.... :-D (P.S. FYI 14' Castor beans!) Immaculate - nope. Weed free - not likely. Mulched to the teeth. Oh yeah, baby! That's the ticket right there!!

  8. Wow, Kris, it looks like a park to me! How beautiful!

  9. Thanks, Sue. Y'know, laying out the beds, putting up fence frame and planting some anchor (crabapple) trees is the easy part. Figuring out what plants to put where will be the REAL challenge. And that's gonna take a couple of years I'm sure! Dither dither dither... :-D


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