Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm finding the blog (what with the main page and the other pages) has become too much effort for too little traffic/feedback these days.  I'm going to regroup and consider if I should quit the blogs altogether, or just drop the side pages, or what.

Right now I'm overworked, frazzled and, truth be told,  kinda grumpy so I think it's best to let go the pressure of documenting all the stuff I'm doing, sorting pics, then composing chatty stories around them to post.

Last thing I want are entries that seem forced and un-delightful!

So, y'all have a nice summer.  If you have my email, drop me a line and I'll keep you updated personally that way.

I hope to be back on the airwaves soon after catching up in the gardens, some rest and a little attitude adjustment.  ;-)


  1. I will miss your blog!!!! Don't leave!!!! :(

  2. I'm kind of feeling the same way. I just don't really have time to blog the way I did, and don't have time for visiting much either. Just post when you're in the mood, we all like to know what's going on there :)

  3. If you keep writing, I'll keep reading. jim

  4. Kris, take your time and take a rest. When you are ready to write again, I will come to read. But it's Vietnamese nature that I just follow you silently :-))

  5. I do it when the urge hits me. I saw this and thought of you. :)

  6. Hi Kris-
    I must confess that I worried about you being overambitious with so many different blogs. I hope you are able to regroup and continue, maybe just in an abbreviated fashion. Even just a little news from you is better than no news at all!

    Meanwhile, I have only seen one honeybee this season so far and a couple of solitary bumbles. I was wondering how things are in your neck of the woods.

    Take care and enjoy your hiatus!

  7. First off, a big THANK YOU all for your kind thoughts and comments. I appreciate each and every one of them - really perks up my day!

    Tammy - I doubt I'll quit ... just need a break.

    Catherine - There's sooo much to do right now because of the LACK of being able to work outside in March, April and even early May that I have to put the actual DOing above the posting -- at least for now. And then maybe there's some sort of "blog burnout" you reach after a while? Hope you rally if you need to also.

    Jim - You got it, guy! :-D

    Ha Xuan - I know you are my invisible garden buddy, always looking over my shoulder and sharing my drudges AND delights! *hugs*

    Tom - Glad you looked in. I've learned some key techniques from you and am enjoying plants grown from your trade seeds. Stay in touch...

    Lynne - Actually, having several blogs is my way of organizing things. I'm an ex-computer analyst and free lance writer. I sort things. Everything! LOL The extra blogs are actually easier for me to find stuff by category. But I'm touched by your concern and am glad that you find the blogs enjoyable. :-D

    As for the bees: right now the dreaded carpenter bees are chewing into my shed - AGAIN. Some large brown-bottom bumbles in the grass and a couple of honeybees on the catmint. Other than that, just a few swallowtail butterflies and a Question Mark lately. But stuff is only now starting to bloom. Wait for the agastache and then watch out! ;-D

  8. I know just how you feel, and I often find myself taking a few weeks off from blogging. Sooner or later I feel inspired to write a post again as documentation of what I'm doing. So go ahead and take a break, but then come back.

  9. Barbara - it did become more of a chore than a share lately. I guess I just need some time in the dirt for now... ;-D

  10. I'm feeling the same way too! I've found photo-taking more of a chore than a joy recently, as if it was my job rather than an interest, and there's so much of other life going on just now that I resent spending hours plonked in front of the computer posting and commenting. I don't have Facebook, but I was beginning to feel like the Facebook addicts I warn my children against becoming.

    I have been thinking of the inspiration your blog gives me as I reconsider what I'm growing in my garden, and turning more towards bee-friendly flowers. So thank you for that.

  11. Thank you, Linda, for considering bee-friendly flowers in your garden. There's just no down-side there. I know some of the best forage plants don't have big showy blooms and, in some instances, the plants can be a bit scrappy (although agastache is very well behaved and attractive). But there's no denying the satisfaction you get when they are humming and flitting with pollinators. Enjoy! :-D

  12. I have so many blogs I "follow" that I don't have time to keep up with all of them. I actually came to your blog today because I was looking in my sidebar for my old standbys that I haven't been to in awhile. I don't reply to comments on my blog often, but instead, go visit the blogs of those who leave comments. Sometimes we end up going back and forth doing the same thing, which means I neglect some I'd like to be keeping up with.

    I seem to obsessed with taking photos, but do enjoy it. I do spend too much time sorting through them, deciding which ones to post. I never seem to run out of ideas for what I want to post, though. I just spend too much time doing it.

    I hope things are going well for you. It is 98 degrees here right now, and we are expecting more days with high temps. Whew!

  13. Sue - While I like to take before/after pics of garden projects, after a couple years it became so that I felt I had to document everything I did. Well, that got out of hand. I blogged more for comment & feedback than for my own pleasure. I do know I take lack of comments as a sort of failure, and I know I shouldn't. But there it is... I can't seem to shake that.

    All in the mid 90s for the next 7 days, nights in the mid 70s and only chance of scattered (strong) storms during that time. Would sure like the water, but not the wind! Take care and keep cool.


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