Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June, 2011 - kitchen window view
(click to enlarge then magnify to focus

click => for May, 2010 view)
Still on a 'blogging hiatus' and working full bore in the yard and gardens.  (And, as you can see by the blur, no new camera yet. Sorry.)

Still mostly foliage at this point with only the catmints, perennial geranium, Queen of the Praire and some of the swamp milkweed in bloom.  Honeybees on the Walker's Low catmint (no traffic at all on any of the rest that I can see).  No sign of any native bees yet, but there is little forage for them at this point.

Still playing catch-up in the gardens.  What I'd really like to "catch up" on is some serious down time, but no time for that at this point.  *pant*


  1. I hear ya!! I took a break from the garden after doing some watering yesterday, and just felt guilty. I've still got so much to do!

    The pic of the yard looks beautiful, as always!

    I even love the header graphic with the bricks. Simple, but beautiful!

    Remember to take breaks - you need them!

  2. Jeph - When I feel I've hit a wall and need to sit down, maybe that's the one I keep running into. ;-D

  3. People ask me how I have the time to write two or three blogs a week. My answer is that I don't! I blog when I should really be doing more important things. I work and I blog and eat and sleep, in that order. Poor Chuckles has to catch up with my life in my blog posts! lol

    Miss you in the blogworld, Kris.

  4. Lovely, lovely close-up view of the land.

    Many people stop by for a visit, but don't leave comments. We appreciate your work!


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. Kris, all your hard work shows. The view is lovely!

    At this point I don't think it is possible to be caught up....I just have to quit now and then and regroup.

    You must not be dry like we are now....I have watered all day long and that is just the front gardens and beds.

  6. Spring does play havoc with our time, doesn't it? What better chore to have than gardening? I have weeded and mulched so I'm taking a bit of a break until the weeds make it through the mulch.

  7. The photo isn't that blurry.

    I have to say that both photographs are drop dead beautiful. You're just amazing. Where do you get your energy???

    I love everything!!!


  8. I'm with you on needing some down time!! When you're too tired to water the garden, it's "get your butt to bed" time. I've mostly had big grouchy bumbles in my garden. Your garden looks great!

  9. Hi Kris, just wanted to pay a return visit and come and say hi. I think it will take me a while to get up to speed with all you are doing.

    As for combining blogs, I used to have one just for the garden and one for other things. Eventually it got too much and I combined them (post on 18th April explains). I use labels extensively to keep track of different projects and having just one place to update is much easier and working much better for me. Have a read and see if this might work for you.

    (PS - I remember that episode of Dr Who!)


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