Sunday, July 17, 2011

We now return... our regularly scheduled blog-gram.

I'm back.  It's been a looong June and July.  I pushed myself very hard to catch up with the April/May projects that were not attended to due to the overlong winter.  At the same time I stretched myself to finish June/July projects that I just would NOT let slide.  *woof*  I've worked myself into near exhaustion a couple of times and have lost nearly 10 pounds of 'winter comfort'.   But I kept at it.  And at it.  And - finally - I'm done.  Well, not done done, (there are still years on my to-do list) but at least now I'm where I hoped to be at this time of summer.

And that is ...  SITTING MY TAIL DOWN IN A DECK CHAIR and drinking lots of iced tea.  The brakes are on for now.  Outside of mowing grass, puttering in the beds in cool mornings or watering as necessary, I'm geared down in response to the scorching weather.  It's time to coast for a while.

But the thought of listing all the things I've done since I went on hiatus unnerved me and would probably bore everyone to tears anyway.  So I'll just post pics of how some of the beds look as of today.

(As always, click on pic to enlarge, then magnify for better focus.)

SW view from driveway

NE view from driveway
Garage corner
(note: clematis transplant succussful - 2nd bloom just starting)
Arbor bed

Stump bed - looking much better this year

New privacy fence & bed
Crab bed (without Nishiki willow)
Brick bed
Wall bed (in previous years only tomato plants,
but now filled with zins)
Birdbath bed (Golden Jubilee reaching 4 feet -
can barely see birdbath so they
will be replaced with shorter plants next year)
Deck (still 2 center benches of perennial seedlings that
will be planted out in September when temps fall
and rains return)
I'll post some veg harvest pics soon, but that's all for now.  I'm bushed and am off to refill my iced tea.  All this typing has worn me out... ;-D


  1. Glad to see you back! It's good to be caught up. Everything looks great, lush and healthy!

  2. A gardener lives there! Everything is looking awesome! One of these days, I may make myself take a break from blogging to get some inside things done.

  3. Welcome back, Kris, and kudos to you for all you've accomplished and how wonderful everything looks. (I'm trying to imagine what it would be like to be caught up on my list of garden projects -- or even to be up to this year's projects!) -Jean

  4. Glad to see your posts again, Kris. I love all the plants you have. Can't say how much I admire you for maintaining all those lush and healthy beds.

  5. Kris, glad you are back!

    The hiatus paid off; things are looking fantastic.

    Is that Yvonne's Salvia in that red bed? I have only two struggling plants this year.

    Now I want to see some of the veggies growing............

  6. Glenda - yes, there are 6 Yvonne's salvia in the crab bed in front of the Golden Jubilee. Both are much taller than last year, some over 50". Veg pics coming...


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