Thursday, July 28, 2011


....and the lemons are squeezy.

 Temps keep on jumping...

 ...and I'm cotton-mouthed dry.

I just don't miiiiiiind...
If I'm rich OR good lookin'
With iced lemonade
I'm sure not gonna cry.  *sip*


  1. Kris, that first picture should be framed and called "Summertime".

    I love the greens, yellows and blues.

    We just heard next week is supposed to be even hotter!

  2. It IS a nice, pic, isn't it? And the lemonade is cold, tart and refreshing.

    Oh lordy, Glenda. The climate is really changing. My heart goes out to you in that savage heat. Try to stay cool. Thank goodness for your deep well!


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