Monday, August 1, 2011

Bloodsucking swarm

Like a lot of you, the massive heat wave has put a big crimp in garden enjoyment this year.  And even when we catch a break (like the big rain 2 weeks ago), it turns around and bites.

The only way to endure even the least of garden/veg maintenance this summer is to get outside around dawn before the world turns into a blast furnace or dusk, when things simmer down.  But lately, it's absolute he!! to foray out even at those times.  That big rain allowed mosquitoes to breed in incredible numbers.  Now they have hatched and they are all OUT FOR BLOOD!  MY blood!

The first time I went out (since the hatch) I innocently showed up at the veg bed in shorts and sleeveless.  *swat*  Hey!  *swat swat*  OUCH!  *SWAT SWAT SWAT*   Holy crap! I couldn't even hold the hose else I would have probably beaten myself to death with the wand.  I dropped everything and RAN for the house. *slap*  I was absolutely covered in welts.

The next day I geared up: long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots, gloves, hat.  I tried again.  But oh man they swarmed my face and neck!  Another run back to the house.  I grabbed a big square of nylon net that I use to cover veg sprouts and (go ahead, laugh) draped that over my hat/head and tucked it into my collar. I could do a few chores, some watering, and collect the veggies.  Even then those suckers bit me where the netting laid right on my skin.  Also it wasn't long before I was as hot and steamed as a baked potato.  *pant*  Back to the house post haste!

August 1, 2011 harvest
So that's how it's going these days.  Quick, overdressed forays out for the most minimum work.  In fact, I make a list of what absolutely HAS to be done before I even open the door, because once I come back and get all that gear off, unless something is actually on fire, I'm sure not going back out that day!


  1. You've pretty much nailed it for this year, only for us the skeeters aren't as bad (perhaps because I've BT'd the pond behind our property?), and instead it's the flies. Flies of all shapes and sizes - house flies, gnats, deer flies, and I've even had horse flies buzzing back and forth, like I'm King Kong swatting at planes attacking me. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm a freak out there, flailing around in the heat while they're inside where it's nice and cool.

  2. You do have some beautiful veggies though!

    I won't get a single green bean from my late planted pole beans....blooms just fall off.

    It was l04° on the back patio just a few minutes ago.

    I am done........

  3. Here's an idea: Purchase a mining helmet and do everything at midnight. The light on the helmet will light the path and by then all the mosquitos are asleep, anyway. Plus, it's cooler. Hey, why are you laughing?? I'm serious!! :o)

  4. I have this image of you gardening in a veil unable to see a thing that I can't get out of my head! Pesky mozzies!

  5. Jeph - There's something to be said for being inside, nice and cool. I'm doing more of that lately.

    Glenda - Hang in there. It's GOT to change. Hopefully sooner than later. :-(

    Tammy - I tried that. But the mosquitoes had strapped on fireflies and could find me in the dark! :-P

    FRG - Y'know, it WAS difficult to see out of that netting! *bump*


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