Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coffee club

My (extremely generous) friend gifted me with his Canon digital camera, one that is far and away better than the old Olympus I'd been using for this blog.  What's he doing for pics?  Well, he's got an iPhone and honestly, it takes pics and vids probably just as good as the Canon, if not better.

I've been trying the new features on the Canon.  Not only does it take terrific still pics (refer to the blog header pic), but it also takes videos! With sound!!  Be still my heart!!!

Here's one of the short vids I've been experimenting with.  

This is my breakfast club.  I fill the feeder, toss out some bread crusts, get comfy in a deck chair and enjoy not only my morning coffee, but the furred and feathered company. The vid shows only a fraction of the usual action.  The pavement was practically wall-to-wall birds until I brought out the camera. 


Oh, there are a few squabbles and a couple of troublemakers (you know who you are, blue jays!), But I gotta tell you, this is a waaaaay better to start a day.  No commuter traffic or alarm clocks.  Just hot coffee and good company.  Retirement sure has it's perks! 


  1. How nice of your friend to give you his phone! I love all the critters who come to have coffee with you!

  2. Hi Meems - my friend gave me his camera since he has the new phone. Yeah, it's a real critter-fest out there every morning. I love it. :-D

  3. The closest I get to being retired is my summer break. I have a very long way to go! Coffee with the birds is the best way to start the day! I had so many birds in one of my bird baths the other day that as soon as one flew away another took its spot. It was like a community pool! I just hope they weren't peeing in the shallow end! :o)

  4. I doubled my internet speed recently and I could watch this full screen without pauses! It was lovely. I could almost taste the coffee.

    I almost missed the feeder until I saw it wavering and realized birds were landing.

    That is a great way to start the day.

    Mine would have to glow in the dark.

  5. Congrats on your new toy, Kris. I always like to look at your photos, regardless of the camera :-)


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