Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday guest

The quick brown fox jumped out of the golf course to greet the startled birthday girl.

What a great pressie! I've not seen signs of fox for a couple of years.  How gratifying to know they're still out there.

Windy and m(w)ild today.  Blowing 20-30 mph with gusts expected to hit 40-50 this afternoon.  Won't be any trouble at all to blow out all these (So many? Good grief!) candles. ;-D


  1. What a cool surprise! Happy Birthday Kris!

  2. Alison - Thanks! :-D Not only was the fox such a surprise, but that the camera was right there beside me. How lucky was that!

  3. Happy birthday! That was a nice little birthday surprise. I haven't seen a fox in years.

    Hope the rest of the day was filled with good things too.

  4. Good picture.
    I live in a medium city and we have foxes in our neighborhood. One time I happened upon a mother with 2 kits playing.


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