Saturday, November 5, 2011

Leaf wrestling - and rustling

This morning my friend H. came and hauled off his trailer that I packed to the gunnels. What a BOON it was to have access to it this year.  And, boy, did I take advantage of it. I'm pretty sure when he dumps it at the township compost station it'll come out as a solid block.  It's amazing how much you can pack in if you stomp the stuff down every now and then.  But there, I've cut back, pulled out, pruned up and generally cleaned up the beds and bushes as far as I'm going to at this time.  I've left some things up for winter interest.  And the driveway turnaround is free and clear again and I've moved the glider back where it belongs.

Now, hooray!, I'm down to just leaves and lawn.  I'll keep the former wrestled up for bed mulch and the latter mowed (it's still growing!).  I feel this year I won't have enough leaves for all the beds.  While I didn't create any new flower beds (the ones under the gum trees are there just so I don't have to mow under them), I did widen the bee ring bed from 18" to over 30" so I have to get creative.

Oh, look! Here's a really nice pile of crispy oak leaves on my driveway.  And I don't even HAVE an oak tree. Hmmm.

Gee, I wonder where they came from?  And my neighbor's lawn is suspiciously bare under his huge pin oak.  *snark*  I doubt he'll call the cops on me.  ;-D

I've been baaaaad.  Not only did T. NOT call the cops, but I persuaded him to use his blower to push all the (messy) neighbor's oak/hickory leaves onto my driveway.  Bad?  Or just - helping out?  (Nah, I'm just helping myself! Sue me. *grin*)

And trust me.  This pile is WAY bigger than it looks (so does the one above).  Yet I'm sure I'm still going to come up short this year.  *sigh*  How ironic.  One of the reasons I created so many bed was so that I would have a ready place to put all my leaves.  Now the beds have outstripped the leaf supply.  The tale is wagging the dog.  Curses!


  1. I love how you have everything all tidied up. I had such great plans but now my Fall cleanup up will become my Spring cleanup! Oh, well....

    I suspect the neighbors are delighted to get rid of their leaves.
    They do make wonderful mulch.

  2. When I first started my garden here I was so desparate for leaves I would pick up bags of leaves from friends yards to dump on my beds.I have a lot of leaves now but could always use more!!!


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