Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dubious distinction

The 16-foot-long central leader of the Autumn Blaze maple broke off about 2 weeks ago and has been hanging from the side of the tree since then.

My friend said he would, if not actually take the tree down at this time, at least disentangle the huge limb from the live branches.  No sight of him.

So I called a tree company a week ago Thursday.  Sure, they'd come right out to look at it if not that same day, then by the weekend.  No sight of them either.

So, at the "venerable" (ha!) age of 65, yours truly borrowed a CHAINSAW for crying out loud and figured out how to use it.

When the pundits tell you that it is the government or the insurance companies that keep health care so expensive, don't you believe it!

It's situations like this (an angry, frustrated woman  -- with a chainsaw) that sends premiums thru the roof.  Grrrrrr.

P.S.  Happy to report no misfortunes today while I added to my stash of firewood.  But I'm learning to not trust anyone who promises anything anymore, even when it's their JOB!  My electrician was scheduled to do repairs here and at my mother's house.  She's canceled twice (claiming "illness") since October 21 and now won't even return my calls.  *$(#*  Not even the calls where I'm pleading for her to at least TELL US she won't do the job and we should find someone else.  After all,  I'm too old to start playing with electricity as well as chainsaws.

I have to draw the line somewhere!

I'm sure the insurance companies would second that. :-/

P.P.S.  As of November 1 I'm now covered by Medicare.  Woohoo! And, obviously, not a moment too soon.


  1. Thanks for coming to Bag End Kris, hope you enjoyed your visit. I too have done more than my fair share of chainsaw work in this garden . . . but I am a little younger than you {smile}.

    (PS, very fond of Dr Who also!)

  2. Good for you Kris! I now have an electric chainsaw so I don't have to jerk on the darned things anymore. I love it! I need to cut a large limb off the apricot tree that is keeping Willow from coming up the ramp to the barn freely.

    Buy yourself one of those Sunset books on electricity. I have wired a bathroom, and more simple things without any difficulty and so can you. You will know your limitations but sometimes it is just a very simple fix.

    I have one on plumbing too...

    Medicare is a wonderful thing.

  3. Hello Hobbit! Thanks for visiting. Always fun to connect with another Who fan. Do you have a favorite doctor?

    Glenda, the chainsaw is a Craftsman electric and I seem to be its new owner according to my friend (it's too heavy for her). I could have used my circular or even the reciprocating saw, but I figured it was time to step up to ... MORE POWER!

    I've done electric before and plumbing too, but honestly I'd like to have SOMEONE ELSE do stuff so I can do something besides gardening, lawn work and home repairs. (I think I used to read, and sew and knit, but that seems so long ago.) *sigh* I get so burned out by this time of year. Yep. Cranky Kris, for sure.

  4. Congrats on getting Medicare! Mine starts Jan 1.

  5. Hi Kris, sorry to take so long to reply. Best Dr. for me is David Tennant.

    Thoroughly fed up with Matt whatever-his-name is. Find him unconvincing and thoroughly silly. Sadly the BBC do not agree and he's been given another series. Sigh. Probably by the same person who supervised the ridiculous story lines for the last series.

  6. Hobbit - Yes, I, too, gave my heart to Tennant. He seemed so real a person compared to Smith. *sigh* I also thoroughly enjoyed Donna as a companion and practically wept when she had to return to her former (smaller) self with no memory. And, lord, gotta love her grandfather!


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