Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tucked - and tuckered

The leaves have finally finished falling and the beds are all tucked in.  The firewood has been stacked.  The deck has been cleaned off, the hoses drained and put away.  Aside from giving the lawns a final mow this coming weekend then parking the Snapper in the shed for winter, it's time to stick a fork in me. I'm done.  *woof*

The squirrels are still busy, fattening up for winter.  Such a colorful collection of clowns!

And, this morning, there's turkey and pie in the oven.  What's not to be thankful for?

Don't count calories, today.  Just count blessings.  



  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Kris. Enjoy your turkey and forget about calories, like you have said!

  2. You have red, black, and grey squirrels?! That's a lot of genetic diversity in one spot. Pie and turkey= yum!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :o)

  3. Ha Xuan - always glad to hear from you. :-) Trust me, I didn't count a single calorie today!

    Tammy - I have fox squirrels (the large rusty ones) grey squirrels, black squirrels and (not pictured) North American red squirrels (smallest of all and chestnut red). 4 species. But I think there's been some hanky panky over the years. *heh*

  4. What a lot of different squirrels!

    Sounds like you are ready for winter.
    Love the cozy fire in the fireplace.


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