Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final sunface - the reveal

In 2001 I'd been laid off from my job as a system's analyst.  Wha?   Sure, I could have gotten another, but I just knew they would call me back.  There was no doubt in my mind. I knew that the guy they chose to keep wouldn't be able to do the job, satisfy the business customers or program his way out of a paper bag.  So that Spring I took those couple of months while waiting for the phone to ring to create a large, multi surface patio off the back deck of my previous house.

I flanked the patio with 2 cement pads, east side and west.

On the east pad I carved a sunface (the west had a moonface).

I show the sunface here because, when I initially started my posts about the sunroom, it was going to be a 5-post series.  But I added a post had to go hunting for a 6th face to entice you over to those entries.  And here it is.

Click on the sun pic and check out the big REVEAL.

(Oh, and yes.  They DID call me back.  Apparantly the business clients were all up in arms... ;-D) 

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  1. You're an artist!! I can't draw to save my life. I LOVE that sun! She seems sassy and fun. A bit like the one who drew her?? :o)


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