Monday, December 12, 2011

Crabby squirrel

Bitter cold (12F) and heavy frost this morning.  These days I sip my morning coffee looking out the kitchen window.  Waaay too cold to enjoy the sunroom now.

I've been watching the new crabapple trees lately.  They held their russet leaves until just a couple of days ago.  While they do have some fruit, I've never seen anything eating it (unlike the older crabapples which attract a lot of attention).  Then this morning I saw this fox squirrel climb up and help himself to 2-3 apples, then it left.  Good to know that the fruit won't go unappreciated!

Meanwhile, as I looked through the camera out past the squirrel, I noticed that something ELSE has been appreciating my gardens - something I myself certainly DON'T appreciate!

Click on this sorry stem for the full story. 

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