Tuesday, June 14, 2011


June, 2011 - kitchen window view
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click => for May, 2010 view)
Still on a 'blogging hiatus' and working full bore in the yard and gardens.  (And, as you can see by the blur, no new camera yet. Sorry.)

Still mostly foliage at this point with only the catmints, perennial geranium, Queen of the Praire and some of the swamp milkweed in bloom.  Honeybees on the Walker's Low catmint (no traffic at all on any of the rest that I can see).  No sign of any native bees yet, but there is little forage for them at this point.

Still playing catch-up in the gardens.  What I'd really like to "catch up" on is some serious down time, but no time for that at this point.  *pant*