Wednesday, January 11, 2012

O Winter. Where is thy sting?

This winter is a real disappointment so far.  A rainy December.  A mild January.  Only an occasional (and fleeting) snowfall.  About the only ones enjoying it are the golfers.

As for the slumbering rain gage? I'm afraid I'm going to have to roust it out from its rest.  Poor thing.  Another day in the mid-40s with precip on the way from the SW.

You call this winter??

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  1. Kris, our winter is the same.
    Last night our big cold front came through (20°'s) with just a skiff of snow. Still no meaningful moisture. I hope it just stays cold this time! I want fruit next year......
    BTW, we just burn wood now and then not for full time heat. The way the house is laid out, the rest of the rooms are too cold using just the wood stove in the living room. If I had a supplementary heat source in the kitchen we could probably get by.


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