Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally FRIGID!

My recent lament has reached the ears of Ma Nature.  When I went to bed last night it was still 42F.  Then the front howled through with high winds and arctic air.

We dropped 30 degrees within hours.

This morning it's snowing, blowing, and generally looking much more seasonal outside.

What a GREAT day to have a fire, make soup and get cozy on the couch.

Got to enjoy it now.  It's going back up into the 40s after the weekend. 


  1. Our weather has been yoyoing too .
    Today we will be in the 40's and tomorrow the 50's.

    DH let the fire go out last night.

    What kind of soup? I need some good ideas.

  2. There's perhaps 6" of snow on the ground now. I'll post a new pic this morning.

    Ham and sweet potato soup with ribbons of kale. Thick and savory. Yum.


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