Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome winter!

Yesterday's front piled up about 5-6" of snow hereabouts.  Winds up to 40 whipped it around but didn't seem to make a lot of deep drifts -- just enough to clean up the landscape and make it beautiful.  I doubt we'll get much of the lake effect snow due today, so I'm not worried about shoveling out.  After all, it's going to be in the 40s by Monday and rain is in the forecast (*gloom*).

So I'm just going to enjoy this bright, albeit brief, wintery interlude in what has been (and, it seems, will continue to be) a grey, wet and gloomy winter.  


Meanwhile, downstairs in the basement....

Click the pic.


  1. Kris, the snow is beautiful....we need it if that is the only way to get more moisture.

    Wind has been horrific here and I was out in it more than I wanted to be.

  2. My goal is to turn one of the areas in my basement into a greenhouse like yours some day. Lucky you!!

  3. Glenda - hope you get some moisture soon to replenish your gardens.

    Tammy - not just luck, years of hard work. First I had to tear out the Irish pub they'd turned the basement into down there. Good grief! Leprechauns beware!

  4. Yes, we want the winter weather now, and not in April.

    1. Yeah, I'm with you. Last year winter went well into May.


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