Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter finally arrives!

By New Years Eve last year we'd had probably a couple of feet of snow that started falling December 1st and just never let up.

By this New Years Eve, however, the weather remained mild - and WET.  We received over 5" for December.  So here's an update of my monthly rain totals for 2011.  (Keep in mind, these numbers do NOT include all the deep snows we received Jan ~ May, just the rain.)

March 4.25"
April 4.75"
May 8.7"
June 3.6"
July 6.75"
August 4.9"
September 4.6"
October 6.6"
November 3.2"
December 5.1"
TOTAL 52.4"

That averages out to 1.2" (of liquid rain) for 44 weeks.  *blub glub* indeed.  At least the rain came down in usuable increments and spacing; there was seldom any standing water.  On July 19 we got a 4.25" deluge, but that was the most we got on any given event.

Still, it's nice to see snow and feel a nip in the air (25F) for a change.  We're having a fluffy, almost windless snowfall right now (lake effect) and we expect a couple of inches by tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to a little less gloom now that the gardens are getting a nice clean blanket.

As for that poor weather- weary rain gauge?  It's snug inside and finally catching up on some much deserved rest.



  1. Kris,that is an unbelievable amount of rain last year. What is your normal rainfall?

    We were so much drier than our normal but have caught up somewhat late fall. i know we ended the year slightly under normal.

    No significant snow here yet. That is about our same temp but we are going to warm up to 60° in a few days.

  2. Glenda - I'd guess a normal year is more like 20-25" and then snow in December. Last year was a real fluke all around - lots of rain and lots of heat. Glad you nearly got caught up.

  3. That is a lot of rain! We had record amounts during the spring and fall and then a drought in December. I've been seeing snow on blogs today and really would love to see some here.

  4. Catharine - I only had to water some plants (vegs) during a dry-ish spell in June. Otherwise, I didn't even feel compelled to work on my water barrel project. Only 14F this morning. Snow only amounted to 1" or so. Still, at least the ground's not soggy anymore. Hope you see some white stuff soon.

  5. Hi Kris,
    I am not a very organized person, but I hope to remember to keep track of our rain and snow.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Similar in the north of England, one of the wettest I have know so far.


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