Thursday, December 29, 2011

Saved by the belle

The neighbors promised to give me their Xmas tree after the holidays instead of putting it out for the trash collector.  I didn't expect it until some time next week, but I guess the holidays are over for them, I found their tree in my driveway yesterday.  Wow.

It always made me sad to see their trees in the trash.  So, for the past couple of years, I've resurrected the poor things and made them into winter roost for birds visiting the feeder.

Tied to a sturdy stake, the birds and I get months of enjoyment out of these bonus evergreens. Then in spring I clip off all the branches to use as mulch and take the center trunk over to the township compost depot. Win-win all around. 

Now, if winter would just show up.  Snow would be white and pretty -- I'm really getting tired of RAIN RAIN RAIN.  (Over 5 inches so far this month. *glub*)

Happy New Year, all. :-D


  1. 5" of rain? Too bad you can't put that on hold til summer. Our winter's been too warm, too. Love your Christmas tree idea. Ours is fake. Real trees here are $75+. Sheesh!

  2. Tammy - it's been a VERY rainy (record breaking) year. Starting in March we've had over 52" so far and might get some more before New Year. No wonder the cukes did so well. Yeah, it's a crime to spend the $ on live trees and then trash them. At least I put the nabe's to good use.

  3. Great idea with the Christmas tree. We use an artificial one each year, I hate to see beautiful trees cut down and then dead within a couple of weeks (even though I know if it were not for the holiday season they wouldn't even be planted).

    I thought we had a lot of rain but yours is a deluge of biblical proportions.

  4. Well that was a quick Christmas for your neighbours! Artificial tree here too, although my 'children' (17 and 20) have begun to ask if we can have a real one next year...

  5. Hobbit - you are right about the planting, but I feel, like you that there is so much more use to be gotten out of the trees.

    It's rained all day off and on. I'll post the total tomorrow.

    Linda - yes, a very quick holiday. As for next year's tree, perhaps you could compromise and purchase a balled tree you could then install in your garden for years of enjoyment?


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