Friday, February 24, 2012

Another tradesman disaster story

I'm so mad I could spit!

Click this link for the full story over on the HOUSEHOLD ADVENTURES page.


And about that STUPID DANGED WORD VERFICATION Captcha crap:

Dear readers - I know you're out there but I'm pretty sure you're not commenting because of the freaking "new improved" WORD VERIFICATION that Google, in it's INFINITE wisdom has foisted on us this month!  You can't read the words.  And if you're older (like some of us) you can't see them barely at all.  Try the vocal verification?  It's like listening to a train wreck and trying to pick out what people are yelling about.  Well, I've disabled this "delightful" FEATURE.  Hope this makes it easier on you all.  

I'm reading that LOTS of bloggers are turning it off.
Hey Google!  Today we'll turn off verification.
Tomorrow - maybe we'll just switch to WORDSMITH!
Meanwhile, in protest, I'm using alternative search engines like Yahoo and Bing instead of Google.


Saturday morning.  
Click this link for a followup to the Friday plumbing disaster.  


  1. Bless you my child! Sometimes, I would just give up after trying to interpret that blasted thing more than twice!

    I haven't
    had it for a along time and had no problems of any kind.

    1. Glenda - here's a tip - you only have to type in ONE of the 2 words to make it work. Usually 1 is easier.

  2. Glenda - I'm keeping an eye open for spam, but I'd rather an occasional spam than no comments from my friends! :-D


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