Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beautiful sky - Ugly radar

The sunrise this morning was just GLORIOUS - shot through with red, copper, magenta and gold.  What portent of weather will this signify: a lovely day?  Or something more sinister.  Quick - to the radar.

UHOH.    Looks like it's to be sininster!  By 10:00 fierce winds rattled the trees and snow was blowing sideways as the temps hovered around freezing.  Well, I'd rather have snow than sleet any day. A day for indoor activities.

First off I set off to poke around in Blogger to find how to tab into sections of a long post.

For instance, when I update an existing post, it seldom gets read because, well, readers have already been there, done that.  It took some doing but I found out how to direct you, gentle readers, to the UPDATED section of an existing post.

Remember how I posted about my home made scratch pizza last week?  Well, check out the links below: the original link and then the link that goes directly to the updated portion of the post.  This will be a boon to someone like me who likes to update an ongoing project without always having to put up a brand new blog entry.

Click this link to land on the UPDATED part of the same post.

Click this link to land on the original SCRATCH PIZZA post.

Cool, huh?

===== Later that same day =====

What else have I been up too?    A good chunk of my time was spent cleaning the front bedroom-cum-workroom.  Since the weather is still terrible, it gave me time to blog about my effort there.  Click on this link [WORKROOM UPDATE] for pics.

I've also added a post about the [GREENS BINS] in the basement plant lab.


  1. Red sky at night, shepherd's delight,
    Red sky in morning, shepherd's warning

    Hope you've stayed snug, warm and safe all day.

    1. Oh yes, indeedy. The wind is so fierce I'm sure it would have knocked me over had I ventured out. It's given me time to play on the blog. :-D


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