Thursday, February 16, 2012

Something different

Imagine my surprise yesterday Tuesday when I saw a flash of yellow out the front bay window.

There was a guy with a shovel apparently trying to dig up my utility pole!
Wha....?  I grabbed my coat and moseyed out.    

I've got quite a few decades under my belt and I've seen tons of activity by various utility companies over the years, but I've never seen the like of this.  Logic told me what he might be doing, but I've never documented this behavior before, so I needed to verify my hunch.

"'Sup?"  I asked, approaching quietly so as not to spook him.  He explained and I had been correct.  He and his buddy were digging down 18-20" around all the utility poles on the street inspecting for soundness, then either noting if it needed replacing or coating them with a preservative and wrapping them with a collar and replacing the dirt.

My hypothesis was proved and I've managed to add a previously undocumented utility behavior in this area.  I'll make up some notes.  (Hmmm, first note - try to cut back on watching so many nature documentaries this time of year! LOL)

Have I discovered something new?  Are the utility companies evolving or is this some sort of deviation?  Have you ever seen this activity in YOUR area?   Keep alert!

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  1. Hmm, preventative maintenance . . . you're right, gets worrying when utility companies are this organised (or perhaps the snow means they cannot do the work that was scheduled so they're doing something else)

    1. No help there. There's been so little snow this season that the kids (and teachers) are complaining that they haven't even had 1 'snow day' off this year. LOL

  2. Our big city had a metal light pole snap and fall....they then began a meticulous inspection of all existing poles checking for soundness.

    Maybe yours is just routine which is very good or maybe they had a failure somewhere.

    1. Funny, they did only our private road. I've not seen them anywhere since. Huh...

  3. Kris, Blogger is at it again; I tried to comment on the pizza but couldn't; will try later.....


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