Monday, February 13, 2012

Solar shoveling

There was about 3" of snow on the driveway from the weekend weather that needed to be removed as we are due for another 1-3" tonight and tomorrow.

Right now there is no wind and temps are in the mid-20s and the sun is bright.  So I left the blower in the garage and did a little 'solar shoveling' instead.

Using my big scoop shovel, I merely snowplowed stripes.  (I try not to actually lift the snow, just push it around if possible.)

This exposes (or at least leaves very little snow) on the blacktop.

After that, I let the sun do the finishing up.  The heat from the exposed strips will melt the remaining snow over the course of the rest of the day.  No gasoline, no noise, and no heavy lifting.

You can see here that the driveway is a little further along in the melting process than the turnaround.  But then, I did the driveway first....  (Sorry, forgot the screen, which is pretty much invisible to human eyes, turns up really good in a photo. )

There's also some new developments in the basement.  CLICK HERE.


  1. Sounds like a good plan unless temps drop overnight and all that moisture freezes . . .

    1. It DID get into the 20s last night, but the blacktop was clear by then - so no ice under today's snow.

  2. Glad to hear you are not lifting that heavy stuff. Our little 2 inch snow should all melt away today.

    1. Yep, don't want to have any more snow shoveling injuries like last year.


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