Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snowy AND blowy

Old man Winter must have objected to my comment over on the propagation page that it's been so warm he's zipping by in his Speedos this year.  Ha!   Temps have plummeted and since yesterday we've gotten 4-5" of snow.  And wind?  Lots of that, too, with gusts over 40 mph.  Check out that it's so fierce it's torn apart the landscape fabric 'privacy drapes' under the crabapple.  Wind chills are in the negs today.

Bad for outside.  Good for a nice fire.

I didn't realize the camera would also record the stereo.  LOL

Meanwhile, there was something nice in the oven.  Click the pick for more info.


  1. Just love a wood burning fire when it is so cold outside. Is the wind blowing your snow into drifts?

    1. Yes, there is some drifting. Thankfully not much, though. There's maybe 10" in front of the garage. I don't know how the snow was even able to land sometimes, it just blew sideways all day.


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