Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deer trot

Oh good grief!  I looked out this morning and there was a herd of deer grazing on my shrubs and yews.  The buck had brought a half-dozen does and about the same number of yearlings to feast on all the frosty goodness that is the sanctuary!  Shoo!! Shoo!!  Tapping on the window didn't work.  I had to resort to standing on the deck in my PJs, wave my arms about wildly and (this is what really gets the neighbors going) bark!  Sorry, but it's the only sound they really don't like.  After a couple of minutes, they bounded off.  *bark* *bark* 


The sorry saga of the stopped up drains continue.
Click HERE for an update as the county mounts a rescue  (Monday).

later today -- Flushed with success!! 
Click HERE for the final chapter (Tuesday).


  1. Nice to look at but not when they're eating your garden.

    1. And there are so MANY of them anymore.


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