Sunday, March 4, 2012

Piling Up

I brought in the bird feeder around 5:30 and there was no snow on the driveway.  I just glanced outside (9:15) and WOW - lake effect snow is piling up!  Looks like about 3-4 inches right now and still coming down.  Reminds me of last weekend's wallop when 6" of unexpected snow greeted us Saturday morning. 

There's several thick snow bands running over Canton right now, and there are warnings of white-out conditions on the highway.  I wonder what the place is going to look like in the morning.  Oh, I'm sooo glad I'm not commuting anymore.

Whatever we end up with, it will stick around until Tuesday when it's going into the upper 40s.

What a crazy crazy winter.

(P.S. FINALLY got a half-way decent night shot of the snowfall in the 2nd picture.  I turned off the flash and switched to the 'fireworks' format.)

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  1. Very pretty and all that but I'm glad it's falling in your garden and not mine! I'm in a hurry for Spring to get here this year :}


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