Monday, March 5, 2012

Walloped again!

As I posted last night, the lake effect snow was really piling up when I went to bed and wondered what would greet me in the morning.

Well, here's what I saw first thing out the bedroom window when I woke up.

We've been HAMMERED - again.

There's at least 7, maybe 8 inches of snow and even now the radar shows more snow bands dipping down from Lake Erie (which ever froze over this winter).  Temps are in the 20s with teens tonight.

Then, magically, its supposed to get into the 50s on Tuesday and 60 on Wednesday.

The weather certainly isn't boring.

Since I don't have to go anywhere anytime soon, I'm just enjoying the over-the-top PRETTY out there.

And you sure can't beat the view from the kitchen window when there's a break in the clouds!

Later Monday afternoon.  Now, talk about crazy.  By early afternoon ALL the driveways, roads and walks were totally snow free - even though temps never got above freezing.  All the warmth from earlier in the week still lingered within all the blacktop and concrete.  Ya gotta love a snow that cleans up after itself!

I cleaned house all day Friday, spent Saturday shopping in Hartville for fresh vegs and cheese with my buddy Dave, and then played in the kitchen and down in the basement on Sunday.

Here's some updates.  Click each pic for more info.

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  1. That snow is gorgeous and it means moisture!

    I always feel good tucked inside a snug, warm house when snow is on deep. We have had no deep snows this year at all.


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