Friday, March 9, 2012

Lest you think...

....that we're still under snow, rest assured that as deep as it was Sunday morning most melted by Monday afternoon.  To paraphrase what Dorothy said in Oz, "Weather comes and goes so quickly here!"  LOL

Thursday we got 3/4" of rain so it's pretty squishy around here.  All the creeks, ponds and gullies are full.  Right now temps are lower with only getting high 30s - 40s this weekend with freezes at night.

But after that -- check out THIS forecast:

Forecast revised as of Sunday, March 11:

Just look at all these very warm days coming with nights all above freezing.  Half of me is thinking OBOY.  But the other half of me knows that this much warmth (especially nights) will most likely kick of a lot of potentially damaging winds (and some accompanying storms).  You can see that averages for this time of year should only be in the 40 with below freezing at night.

I'm sore tempted to plant potatoes, perhaps even some of the kale plants, but I'm feeling it's just not wise to succumb to this seductive spate of weather.  Besides, the veg bed is so wet I doubt tilling the sections would be feasible.

Otherwise, I have lots to do in the plant lab (click HERE for latest post) and other projects to keep me from rushing outside prematurely.  But it IS nice that I'll be able to pop the lids off of the sunroom skylights and flood the room with yellow sunshine.  What a great perch to sit and rock and watch the daffodils and crocuses push up.

(PS I updated this post with the revised forecast from Sunday.  Look at those 70s !!  More importantly, look at the 24 plunge the last Saturday night.  The following Sunday is going to be cold with freezing rain. HA!  See, I'm not gonna fall for this trap.  Well, maybe not much. *heh* )


  1. It is 35 degrees now and next week will be in the sixties! Crazy weather. I can't wait to get started in my garden.

    1. Yes, it' been really crazy this winter. I'm sure this too-warm weather coming up will allow too many trees to bud out early. When you garden, it's always something, no? Enjoy your garden. :-D

  2. Springlike here too - we were working outside yesterday in just a shirt - until the sun went in and temps dropped like a stone! We can have frost as late as June and have to be careful not to sow annuals too early.


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