Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pseudo Spring!

I know, I know.  I promised to 'hold my horses' during this spate of ridiculously mild (and unseasonal) weather forecasted for the next 2 weeks.

But I'm weak.  And behind.  After all, today is the first day of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME in the US.  I'd already lost an hour of this gorgeous day.

So instead of doing laundry and other sundry indoor chores, I

Set up a hoopster (click pic for details).
Brought plants up from the basement.
Inflated all the tires on the garden equipment.
Refilled the firewood rack in the garage.
Brought out a hose, installed new washers and turned on the outside tap.
Dug through the shed and brought a chair up to the deck.
Baked 3 loaves of bread.
*pant*  SOMEbody really needs some ibuprofen...  And maybe a nap! 

Okay. One day down.  13 more days of nice weather to go.  Hmmm, I think I'm gonna need a bigger jar of Advil.


  1. Hi Kris. I wandered into here from my friend Bilbo Waggins blog and I've really enjoyed reading all your back posts. When I've got a bit more time (ie, when I'm not up to my eyes in gardening projects!) I'm going to have a look at all your other blogs too! :)
    Thanks for a great read!

    1. Yes, beware the false promise of Spring. Your rising temperatures would be a hot summer's day in Scotland!

    2. Hi Liz. Thanks for wandering by. Always nice to see a new face on the comments. I'll pop over and visit your blog too. :-D

      Linda - Yep, way too warm for this time of year. I see my viburnums and crabs are swelling with buds - I'm afraid they are going to get well nipped when the temps fall again. Always something, no? Hope your plots are doing fine.

    3. Hello Mrs Gnome, fancy seeing you here! There's some lovely stuff going on in Kris's garden, isn't there?

  2. We are promised the same warm weather here.

    I made a list of what to do just today to keep myself in some semblance of control!

    You had a busy day.

    1. Glenda - even though I've kept busy and active this winter, just one 'big' day outside doing projects just about wiped me out. LOL There's something about trudging around in fresh air that makes one overextend. I sat down Sunday morning and wrote up a list of things to do over this 2-week warm spell. If I get half of them done, I'll be doing good. Enjoy your warm spell too.


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