Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh snap!

While Monday was a total wash out on several counts (a day-long rain soaking us with 1/2" of un-needed wet; squiring around my Mother who is no longer able to drive), I hit the ground running Tuesday.

First off my friend Craig (the genius carpenter) came by and while we stuffed ourselves with hot coffee and fresh scones, (click HERE for details) we discussed my 'wish list projects' for this year.  With my failing ankle, I can no longer dig so I'm going to need help on the tree & shrub project.  We also discussed things like the 2nd section of the cedar privacy fence, help with French doors, refinishing the heavy front door, rebuild the rotting compost & asparagus bins (using a composite plastic/wood decking) and the like.

He wanted to come today (Wednesday) to transplant some trees, but the ground is sucking wet and while I want to jump on this project before the crabapples in question bud out, it wouldn't do them any good if they were set in squelching mud.  Oh well, maybe next week!

Meanwhile I did spent a little quality time back in the shed getting the Snapper in shape for the season.  I inflated the tires, hauled out the battery where it was hooked up in the basement to a float charger for the past few months and installed it.  I also brought back gas and oil and topped them off.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I rolled it out, got on, and it STARTED RIGHT UP!  This is the first time ever with this thing.  No neighbor intervention needed! 

Other chores:  It being such a warm day that I  had to pop the tops off the WS containers on the deck so they didn't bake.

I also spent a some time in the VEG BED (click HERE for story) and did some general puttering around.

Today is supposed to be even nicer than yesterday and I'm off to check out electric pressure washers.  Because last year we got almost 5' of rain, the deck floor sports a green sheen of algae that needs to be washed off.  Same with the front walks and stoop.  This should be fun....!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel good about the mower! I felt that way when I got the trimmer up and going without DH's help first. We need a few breaks like that!

    Snappers are supposed to be really good machines.

    1. Snappers are made of metal, not plastic. And there are few parts. It's the electrical system that usually gives me fits. FYI I bought a Bolens EZ pull trimmer on sale late last fall. It's still in the box. We'll see if it's been worth waiting for. ;-D

  2. Oh my, you have a Little Red Tractor too, and you also have the twin to my mesh trolley ..... this is getting spooky, Mrs Gnome has the identical twin to our little tipper truck!

    PS: Management tells me the secret to getting Miss Daisy (and other members of the gardening team) started first time after a long break is to add a dose of petrol preservative to the tank if you know you're not going to be using it for a while. Not sure what the stuff is really called, but let me know if you can't find it and I'll ask him.

    1. Oh look, Hobbit, a comment of yours that I missed! :-(

      Yes, in Fall I put Sta-Bil in with the gasoline, then run the engine for 5 minutes to get the Sta-Bil in the whole fuel line.

      Yes, I think Daddy trolly got around.... Offspring everywhere! LOL

    2. Those darn Daddy trolleys, didn't you know they have a reputation for being promiscuous :}


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