Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some snow. :-D

What a wonderful surprise I got this morning when I pulled back the curtain and looked out.

SNOW!  And it is still coming down steadily with no wind so everything is getting a fluffy white flocked coat.  We've received such little snow this year that when it comes I'm all smiles (unlike last year).

Even the birds seem chipper this morning at the feeders.

January delivered a miserly 11-12" of snow (all of which melted quickly)  but almost 3" of rain.  The snowblower has been out only 2ce so far.  Alas, today's snow is being followed by rain (with milder temps again all this coming week), so this, too, shall pass.

I'll have to enjoy this prettiness while I can.  Quick, back to the window!

========== later ======

Since it was the kitchen window I was always staring out at the snow, I decided to whip up something lovely.  Click the pic for details.  :-D


  1. I know snow complicates our lives, but it is so beautiful. We need a good snow.

    1. You're right there. Usually it does make trouble. But this year it's been so snowless, I'm really appreciating it when it shows up.


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