Friday, January 27, 2012


It rained all day yesterday and the morning fog never lifted.

There was a brief break in the evening and then after midnight the heavens opened up again.

This morning there is almost 1.5" of rain in the gauge.  The dense fog has lifted, but there is still some drizzle occasionally mixed with large wet snowflakes.  The saturated ground can't take anymore and "the pond" has reappeared along the driveway entrance.

This is sure some kinda winter - weird, wacky, wet.  How wacky?

The crow is already building a nest (ark?) in the pig-nut hickory.

The rosemary plant has never succumbed to the season and still shows green leaves in spite of the fact I never mulched the darn thing.

And, as you can see behind the rosemary - the grass has never actually gone dormant.

Say - talk about WACKY....   Here you go, Glenda.  Two can play that game.  How's this for some fresh baking?  (Okay, okay, roasted on a dry griddle - but it's still bread! LOL)


  1. That's a nasty amount of rain in one go, please tell me you're not in a flood-prone area.

    Those breads look fabulous!

    1. Hobbit, no fear. Luckily my place is on the top of the hill, and this has been one long year that I've really appreciated the height!

      It is the first time I've made pitas. They turned out better than I expected. Yum.

  2. I'm back and as soaked as you are. I wonder how long hosta can hold their breath. jim

    1. And how long can they tread water? Glad you're back.... you've been missed.

  3. That does look like a lot of rain. I saw a Chickadee checking out a birdhouse in our yard today, maybe the birds know that spring is closer than we think?

  4. I see my comment disappeared again.

    I have never made pita bread.....we may have another bread challenge here. At first I thought they were tortillas.

    I am amazed by all that rain. I hope it lets up by spring. You can have too much of a good thing!

    We got a light shower during the night.


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