Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow day.

Yesterday I used the snowblower on the 8" we got Friday night.  And some idiot plowing the road filled in the bottom of my driveway with hard-packed stuff.  My little machine wouldn't budge it and I'm far FAR too old wise to try and shovel that stuff myself.

I asked my neighbor's son if he could help me out with his much larger blower, and while he took care of that (thanks, Johnny), I did the rest of the driveway and turnaround.  And that was that for Saturday.

Today I went out early and shoveled off the deck.  *Whew*  Not my favorite job.  But now everything is clear now.  I really wanted to get that done before the rain (yes, I said RAIN!) that is due tomorrow.  Imagine the weight of 8-10" of snow on the deck soaked with rain.  As it is, I'm expecting we'll be having some flood issues if we get more than a sprinkle what with all this snowpack.

I gotta admit, after 3 days of wrestling with snow, I was pooped and kept to the house today.  But it didn't keep me out of trouble. *heh* To read my kitchen adventures - click the pic. 


Monday a.m. - Pouring down rain with very high winds.  

Enough with the freaking rain already!!! *whine*


  1. We are supposed to get rain too beginning this evening....hope they are right. When they say southern half of viewing area, I get nervous. We are north of I-44; not south.

    Sure glad our 'shoveling' is done with a blade on the big tractor.......

    1. Glenda - your comment didn't show up until nearly 4:00 pm. What in the world is going on with blogger today?

      Yeah, the neighbor has a bigger snowblower with more power.

      Hope you get some rain. Wish to heck I could send some of MINE down to you.

  2. I should have read this post before your 'Drenched' one. When our area was so badly flooded in 209 it happened after weeks of heavy rain, the ground was soaked and there was just nowhere for the water to go.

    Must go and investigate your baking adventures, that pan looks delicious :}

    1. Luckily for me the rain started slowly so the gutters/downspouts did not jam up with slush/ice. No overflows, thankfully. Still, it was amazing to go from 10-12" of snow to clear lawn within 12 hours!


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