Saturday, January 21, 2012


Wow did it ever snow last night.  Looks like a solid 6-7", maybe even 8!

Thankfully I'd gone out and snowblowed (snowblew?) the 5" that was already on the driveway and shoveled the same off of the deck.  Otherwise I'd be having to move almost a foot of snow today.

But yeah, it's still pretty.

The birds are gonna have to wait for their breakfast for a while.  I'm still recovering from yesterday's dig-out.

======= a little later =======

I dug a path to the birdfeeder, filled it up and sprinkled stale bread along the path.  The front brought in some new birds that I've not seen yet this winter: cowbirds and red-winged blackbirds.  They, like the crows, make a dramatic statement against the white background. 


  1. The birds on the snow are beautiful.

    We haven't begun feeding the birds yet...I lost my feeding tree and have to use a shepherd's hook. I loved that tree where all the birds could land and wait their turn.

    No snow here but cold.

    1. I feed all year long - just much less in warm weather. The birds are really using the Xmas tree roost near the feeder.

  2. It does make me laugh that you are so matter-of-fact about 5" of snow. That is more than sufficient to bring our entire country to a standstill.

    I too feed birds 365 days a year, regardless of the weather.

    1. Then you would really enjoy going back to some of my last winter's posts where we frequently got 10-12" on a near regular basis. This part of the States was under snowpack for MONTHS. That's when I tore my left rotator cuff digging out the deck. Glad this year is so much more mild.


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