Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, deer.

When I'd put up the snow fence along the back of the property (between me and the golf course) I was kind of hoping that the deer would be routed further down the hill and frequent my neighbor's properties instead of mine.

But these white snowy nights have shown otherwise.  This poor night photo taken just a couple of minutes ago through the sunroom window show that a small herd of deer are all inside the bee ring bed hunkered down against the current snowstorm.

I added orange arrows to point out the 7 deer I could make out in the dark.

So much for traffic control. *sigh*


  1. Well at least they're hunkered down and not eating your plants ..... not that that is much consolation to you.

    1. I watched them as the snow flew. Within 20 minutes they were totally covered in snow. I guess it was an insulation against the wind?


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